solar system model brass orrery
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This is a very HIGH quality, antique style, power driven, mechanical orrery (solar system model).It is NEW in the box and comes already assembled and READY TO RUN. The planets in the model are complete and includes the celestial bodies of CERES and ERIS as well as PLUTO. Ceres was the first Asteroid found by mankind.Eris is the latest Asteroid found in 2005. Pluto was expelled from the family of planets in 2006, because it's of it's small size. Buy this orrery--The best astronomy gift!

This style of orrery is very old and has been used for teaching since the 18th century. This orrery can vividly show the solar system we live in. Smartly designed and perfectly manufactured, the gears ratios are precisely calculated to match the real timing of the movements of our real planets. The relative speed of each planet, distance, appearance and many other features accurately simulate our solar system. All you need to do is take it out of the box, stick on the 3 foot pads and the planet globes.which is very easy to finish.This orrery will be the best masterpiece you ever buy.

The model features repeating sets of large and small gears - their ratios meticulously calculated so they combine to match the movements of the real planets as they move through the sky. It has a variable speed setting and even a safety clutch. Whatever speed you choose to run your model, each set of precision gears steps down the speed of the next planet's rotation, accordingly. It is fascinating to watch and highly educational.

Every component of this orrery has been precision engineered and finished in brass or silver-plated steel. Finely polished to a gleaming finish and lacquered to keep them looking like new, the pieces are of exceptional quality and fit together perfectly.

It also has the traditional 12 month calendar and the zodiac signs incorporated into the base, and the Zodiac symbols on a brass ring on the base.

The model motor is powered by a 6V DC power adapter.It has a speed controler knob to base.

Some of other great features of this orrery:
(1)The Earth revolution is about 42 seconds,and you can calculate revolution periods of other plants,since the ratios of the speeds of the planets are as reality.
(2)The sun and the earth rotate on it's own axis just as in real life.
(3)Planetary bodies: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth (with moon), Mars (with moon), Ceres, Jupiter (with moon's), Saturn (with moon's), Uranus (with moon), Neptune (with moon), Pluto, Eris. Terrestrial Planets, Asteroid Belt, Gas Giant Planet and Ice Dwarfs.
(4)There is also many other great features so Please feel free to ask about any details you would like to know.

Size: WIDTH: 330mm/13"(at the initial position), HEIGHT: 330mm/13", WEIGHT , 3.7kg/8.2 pounds.

Material:mainly made from brass

Q:What's the speed of the planets?
A:Usually the revolution period of earth is about 42 seconds,and you can calculate period of other planets,since the ratios of the speeds of the planets are as the reality.In fact,there's a little speed controler at the bottom,and you can regulate the speed.

Q:Is the speed of the earth as the real or is faster?
A:On the case of angular velocity,Faster.If it's angular speed is as the real,you can't see it moving.

Q:the orbits of the planets are circular or oval?
A:Circular.Althought in the reality they are oval,but make them in a mechanical model is not easy,and according to my knowledge,any other orrery in history doesn't meet this requirement.Maybe we will consider this in future.

Q:I want to buy this orrery,will it break during travel?
A:Normally it doesn't,and we have ship this assemblied orrery for many times.We package it in customizing poly velvet box.

Q:Can you supply a replacement part of this orrery if any part was broken?
A:If it was broken during travel(normally this won't happen),we can supply a replacement part for free,and ship it through standard international post,and not free if you break it yourself.But note that it's possible we lack this part in a period of time,in this situation I'm afraid you have to wait us to supplement this part for many days.Anyway,we will try our best to satisfy your requirement.

Q:Is it possible to send the orrery to Italy, Rome?
A:We can ship this orrery to anywhere,if we found that no express company can ship it to where you live,We will remind you and return you the money.

Q:Hi, is this a motorized system? If so, does it work with batteries or mains?
A:Yes,it's a motorized system.There's a motor in the base.the motor is drived by an 6v DC adapter,which can be pluged into a home socket.We provide the adapter.

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The Orrery will be carefully and securely packed in a double box for safe shipping.